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Professional Garden & Landscaping Services

Willow Greenhouse not only has the best selection of environmentally-friendly grown plants and vegetables, but we now also have an expanded professional garden and landscaping services. This includes consulting, designing, installation, and maintenance services. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful landscape around your home that brings pleasure to you each time you look at it.

This year we are thrilled to welcome Pat Seibel, our “Garden Ambassador”, to the Willow family. Pat is an award-winning garden designer with more than 30 years happily “playing” with plants—annuals, perennials, ornamentals, shrubs & trees, containers, vegetables, herbs—if it can be grown in Michigan, Pat will help it grow its best!

Call Pat directly at (734) 718-4748 to schedule a consultation or use the form below to tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll contact you promptly.

Garden Design

As an arborist, nurseryman, horticulturist, and major lover of color, Pat has the training and artistic eye to design that garden you’ve always dreamed of having. With the right combination of eye-popping annuals and carefully planned perennials and ornamentals, you can have a garden that looks terrific in every season—with winter interest, too.

Container Planting

Planting a beautiful container with season-long color and easy maintenance is an artistic endeavor! Let us design a container that you won’t see anywhere else. We have specialty containers and the know-how to combine color, interesting foliage, even low-energy lighting to add interest to every part of your property.

Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage accent lighting can really enhance the beauty and visibility of your landscaping. We can design and install accent and path lighting to make your yard glow!

Pruning & Maintenance

Get a good start on the gardening season with a complete spring clean-up. As much as you might love planting and tending your garden, cleaning up the leaves, winter debris, and leftover weeds will never be the fun part of gardening…but it sure is necessary for a healthy garden! Let us get the job done for you so you can truly enjoy your garden.

Pruning is an important task to keep your plants healthy and looking their best. But many gardeners panic when they think about taking clippers to their beloved plants! Pat knows just what and where to prune and has an artistic eye for what will look the best in your landscape.

And as the season winds down, let Pat do a fall clean-up and prepare your beds for winter. He can also plant bulbs that will bloom next spring!

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