Make A Succulent Pumpkin | Willow Greenhouse
Register Today To Make Your Own Succulent-filled Pumpkin!

Make A Succulent Pumpkin (Ages 5+)
Saturday, September 22, 29 & October 6
Sunday, September 25, 30, &
October 7
3 PM–4 PM
Instructor: Jenni Zimmer

Come and have fun making your own succulent pumpkin!
You will learn the new method that allows your creation to last for months!
Your  $10 registration fee (paid in advance) includes instruction, moss, and glue needed to make the pumpkins.
You will select your own pumpkin, succulents, and accessories and purchase them á la carte.
Come join the fun!

Call (248) 437-7219 to register.
Call today as space is limited.