“Green” isn’t only in our name, it’s how we grow!

Willow Greenhouse is completely pesticide FREE. Rather than use harsh chemicals with possible toxic effects, we use beneficial bugs to take care of any bad bugs that come our way—thousands and thousands of beneficial bugs in fact! Nine different species; each one on a mission to fight a particular pest. We’re happy to tell you more and have you meet them. Our friendly lady bugs are everyone’s favorite!

AlYou’ll also want to meet Alan, the greenhouse cat and newest member of the Willow family. Alan is on 24/7 patrol to rid the greenhouse of rodents so we don’t have to use any rodent poison.  While a hard worker, he’s also friendly and will welcome you petting his head and scratching his ears!

This year we will carry even more organic weed and pest control products so be sure to take a look at what’s available to make your garden greener!

Want to know more? Well, we’re plant geeks at heart and welcome any questions that you may have. 

Click on the title below to check out this interview with Nick:

“Customers Drive The Extra Mile For Our Plants”